Bad ingredients in beauty products

Over 10,000 synthetic and natural chemicals are stirred in your personal care products and less than 20% are tested for safety. Below is a list of bad ingredients in beauty products you should avoid.

Petrolatum: This nasty stuff is derived from crude oil and is not natural by any means. You may recognize it as petroleum jelly and/or mineral oil. (Baby oil is 100% mineral oil) When you slather this stuff on or add it to your bath, you're putting a plastic barrier on your skin. This is bad since our skin needs to breath and eliminate toxins. It is widely used across the globe because it is dirt cheap to manufacture. There are many alternative vegetable oils you can use.

Talc: This is a metamorphic mineral and is commonly found in cosmetics, not to mention the main ingredient in baby powder. Any talc contaminated with asbestos fibres is a carcinogen. It has beem linked to lung cancer.

Parabens: This ingredient has been debated by many to mimic female hormones. There is no conclusive evidence suggesting it is carcinogic, but it is known as an allergen. It can cause skin irritations, so if you are a sensitive individual, avoid this ingredient.

Toluene: This ingredient is a powerful solvent and smells like paint thinner and is found in nail polish and remover. It is a possible carcinogen and strong toxicant.

Sodium Tallowate: This ingredient may be derived from animals and can also cause eczema and black heads. If animal derived ingredients are not on your list, you should also watch for Emu oil and mink oil.

Hydroquinone: This is a skin lightener. It can cause a disfiguring skin disease called "ochronosis".

Zinc: This one rates a moderate hazard according to EWG cosmetic data base. It is toxic to you and the environment.

Phthalates: This ingredient is often tucked away under "fragrance". It causes sperm damage and infertility. It can also feminize baby boys. Now that is something to think about!

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth sulfate: This ingredient causes dryness and irritations. It is found in most shampoos. Itchy scalp anybody?

Lead: Hard to believe that this one is still around? Look again, especially men. This stuff is lurking in your hair dyes and residues have been found around the house after use. It has been proven to affect the development of the brain in children.

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