Hemp in hair care

Hemp in hair care products provide rich omega-3 nutrients proven to help maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

Although hair is not a living part of your body, it is still important to know that healthy, shiny hair is supported by the scalp's natural lubricating oils.

The production of these oils known as sebum, decreases with age, so increasing your intake of omega-3 internally is a vital first step in your hair care regime. Hemp seeds also contain essential amino acids which can help individuals who suffer from excess sebum production known as seborrhea.

Equally important is using hemp seed oil externally. This will restore moisture and will add shine and managebility to your locks.

Tip: Be vigilant when buying shampoos containing SLS (Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate). These are known to strip the sebum from your scalp causing dry, itchy skin.

Hemp Shampoo

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Hemp hair dye

To my knowneldge, hair dyes containing hemp seed oil are not yet on the market, however, you can try the recipe below:

Hemp hair dye using henna

Tip: All permanent dyes contain PPD (P-phenylenediame) which is toxic to the chemically sensitive. Using semi-permanent dyes that are vegetable based will ensure you do not come into contact with toxins.