Create a Gift Basket for Cat Lovers!

Finding a special gift for a friend or family member if often very frustrating indeed! Why not take a break for 5 minutes... and learn how easy making a gift baskets really is. You can theme the gift basket around their sports, likes and interests. Today we have created a gift basket for a cat lover!

The choice of what gift to give your family and friends can often be a difficult one. One of the best gifts that you can give is a themed gift basket. A gift basket is that one present that comes in many shapes, themes and of course price ranges. A gift basket can also be a new arrival gift idea for that family pet.

Here is a simple basket that you can easily create yourself for that special “Cat Lover”.

Pick a basket style. I like to use either a bucket (which can be later used to store grooming products) or use a cat basket. There are a lot of choices on the market so choose between one with two side handles or without handles.

Cat likes to feel snug in their environment so a closed in fabric padded style basket will also be well received.

Make certain the basket is large enough to hold the gifts you have selected and of course if it is intended for the cat to sleep in it, large enough to accommodate that special Feline.

Choose a gift basket color ..... that complements the cat lover's home decor. If in doubt, choose a neutral color by selecting a natural wicker basket.

Next select a variety of items that have a cat theme which will later be packed into the decorative basket that you have chosen especially for the recipient.

When selecting the gifts for the cat lover choose items with cat themes such as cat calendars, coffee mugs, computer mouse pads, T-shirts, note cards, stationery, cat magazines, include fiction and nonfiction books and picture frames.

Select grooming brushes and cat toys for that special cat.

To add a little extra to your gift basket for the Cat Lover include: A rug to cover the lounge for somewhere special for the cat to sit. Maybe a cat scrathing pole or instructions to make one (if your friend is handy!);

If you are on a budget try a small basket and include... A picture frame, a disposable camera to take some memorable moments, a photo album, along with a voucher for photo finishing.

When you are finished, wrap the Gift Basket with cellophane paper and a nice ribbon to give it a finishing touch. Use shredded paper inside the basket to hold the goodies in place. Tie a humorous gift tag with a message for that added touch. Try making a tag that looks like a Cat's paw!

Don't stop here, get yourself a another cup of coffee or tea and take a few minutes to think of the different types of gift baskets you could create for your special "Cat Lover" or other friends!

About The Author - Donna Hamer is the author and publisher of the eBook “101 Gift Basket Ideas”. For a Free 5 part Mini Course on how to create your own “Personalized Gift Baskets” Click Here!