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Hemp Ball Truffles


1/2 cup Manitoba Hemp Seed Butter

1/2 cup organic raw tahini (no salt)

1/4 cup roasted carob powder 3 Tbsp almond milk

2 Tbsp agave

2 tsp or droppers of Stevia

1 tsp organic vanilla

1 tsp cinnamon

2 Tbsp goji berries

2 Tbsp raw cacao nibs

2 tsp powdered maca

1/2 cup hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) (to roll balls in) 


In Vita Mix or coffee grinder, blend whole berries and cacao nibs until a course powder and set aside. Next, in small bowl, combine tahini and hemp seed butter with agave, vanilla, and almond milk until it makes a batter. Next sprinkle in cinnamon, Stevia, and maca. With the back of a plastic spatula, press batter in a circular motion against the side of the bowl. The mixture should still be wet and sticky. Proceed by adding the carob a bit at a time and work into the batter in the same motion until fully blended. The batter now should have a shiny consistency and be non-stick to the touch. Next, fold in the ground goji berries and raw cacao nibs. Form into a ball and roll in shelled hemp seeds. Feel the mojo of a hump of a hemp ball.

Makes: 2 dozen Prep Time: 20 min

Recipe compliments of Kelly Keough, the famous sugar and wheat free chef and provided by Manitoba Harvest


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