Hemp Butter (Better Butter)


1 1/4 cups Hemp Seed Oil

1 lb unsalted butter


Soften butter in a container (over night usually does it)

Add one and a quarter cups Hemp Seed Oil and blend in by hand untill hemp oil and butter are partially mixed.

Now pull out your hand blender and blend on low untill you have a completely smooth (and green } texture. Refridgerate and remove a small pat when needed.

Usually softens enough to spread at room temp in about 10 minutes. This spread is delicious and quite nutritious as the essential fatty acids are a nice counter balance to the quite saturated nature of butter.Remember not to fry with it as the high temp will compromise the fatty acids. Keep the temp low and simmer if you must. Yes it's true....... enjoy butter but still have the health benefits of hemp seed oil. Hemp makes everything better!

Compliments of Tom Kowalsky Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Makes: 2 1/4 Cups

Prep Time: 5 min

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