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Hemp plastic is tough, durable, contains no harmful chemicals and looks fantastic!

Although not a new concept, natural based plastics is slowly re-entering the world of consumer goods. This versatile plant has once again proven to be highly useful to a nation needing to re-assess it's ecological impact.

There's no denying that the petro chemicals being used to create plastic today are toxic to the environment and to the employees who work in these factories on a daily basis. Also, it is not biodegradable which means that it lasts forever.

Some will argue that most plastics don't leach any toxins into the ground and although this is true for some, the damage it does to wildlife is appalling.

Take for example the billions of plastic debris floating around in the oceans at this very moment that are killing a variety of species and risking the lives of others like birds who swallow bottle caps and where whales swallow more plastic debris than plankton.

It's alarming to say the least. We must as a global effort support the development of biodegredable products for the sake of our planet.

Did you know that the United States alone discards more than 60 billion pounds of plastic every year that end up stuffing landfills or are swept away in bodies of water?

Would you believe that the number has risen from 4 billion to 60 billion pounds in less than 30 years? It certainly makes you wonder about the whole bottled water industry and the attention it's been getting lately! I'll keep this one for my blog. As grim as this all seems, there is hope as more and more people are utilizing hemp and other natural materials to bring us eco plastic.

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