Hemp Seed Recipes

Hemp seed recipes are abundant on the internet today because of the nutritional value hemp seeds offer. They are loaded with vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids proven to boost your health.

It promotes brain development, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, helps lower cholesterol and alleviates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. They also have the recommended ratio of omega 6 to omega 3.

Hemp seeds can be eaten raw by the spooful, tossed into a favorite dish or used in a hemp seed recipe. It's easy to incorporate a handful a day into your regime and are deilcious to boot.

Everyone has their own take of what these seeds tastes like, personally, I find they taste like hazel nuts and peanuts together, however, this is just my opinion. I am sure everyone's taste buds differ, but they do taste great, especially in a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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