Men's Hemp Suit Jacket

Men's Hemp Suit Jacket

You've got organic good looks, but this vegan organic hemp suit jacket is what you need to jack up your style at any wedding or business function. This suit jacket / hemp sport coat from Ecolution will have you looking your best every time you put it on. The organic hemp fabric (6 ounce air-finished) used to make this vegan suit jacket has a feel very similar to linen.

As a result, you will find this hemp suit jacket to be extremely breathable and 'easy to wear'. Here's a tip for wearing stylish organic hemp wedding and business attire: let the wrinkles live naturally—they are part of hemp's attractive character!

And of course, make sure to tell your business friends that your fine suit jacket is not only vegan (no sheep were exploited), but also that it was manufactured in a no-sweatshop environment. It's sexy to care about human and animal rights!

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Made by Ecolution