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Hemp twine and rope were essential elements in the 18th century and more than 80% of the Western world used it for cordage. Up until 1940, hemp was the material of choice for many products.

The introduction of petrochemical fibers by Dupont and steal cables slowly replaced hemp until eventually it was banned because of it's relation to it's illegal counterpart; marijuana.

Hemp Twine is strong, durable and biodegradable. It is a must for all crafters alike and avid hobbiests. The products created are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Hemp twine is also the preferred fiber of choice when making jewelry such as Hemp Bracelets, hemp necklaces and so much more!

It knots easily and is smooth against the skin, unlike other fibers which can be itchy and irritating. Hemp twine comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. The 20# and 45-50# test are ideal for jewelry making while the heavier versions are used for larger projects such as hammocks, fish netting and other macrame projects.

Hemp twine is also readily available on Ebay. Check out the auctions below for more information.

Hemp Twine On eBay

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