Kristen Suzanne's EASY Raw Dehydrating

Living a Raw lifestyle does NOT require dehydrating, which is why my recipe books — other than this one — rarely call for dehydrating.

But if you own a dehydrator, or if you are trying to decide whether or not to buy one, then this book is for you! There are SO many fun and interesting things you can do with dehydrating Raw foods, such as making breads, crackers, wraps, pancakes, granolas, plant leathers (fruit roll-ups, etc.), seasonings, and much more. You can also intensify flavors, add cooked-like textures to your foods, and even serve warm dishes with the food's nutritional integrity totally intact!

This book is a great, thorough, and comprehensive introduction to dehydrating for people who are curious about the subject. It's also a must-have for Raw food enthusiasts who want to experience the full range of experiences in the Raw food cuisine.

55 Raw Dehydrating Recipes

* Introduction to Raw & 6 Basic Raw Recipes

* Dehydrating Fundamentals

* 19 Using Fruits & Veggies

* 5 Using Nuts & Seeds

* 12 Pancakes, Crackers, Breads & Wraps

* 13 Special Dehydrated Ingredients

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Format: All of these books are ebooks, meaning they are delivered electronically, as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files that I email to you personally in 1-12 hours (much sooner during business hours).