Taking care of your sensitive skin

Gentle care is essential for individuals with sensitive skin, as this type of skin will redden and become itchy upon contact with alcohol and synthetic chemicals causing an allergic reaction. Choosing plant based products including cosmetics are best.

Your regime should include very gentle cleansing twice daily followed by a light moisturizer. Avoid formulas that are rich and heavy which may aggravate your delicate skin. Plain floral waters are excellant as toners and a mild hydrating face pack weekly can complete your routine.

Following are some natural ingredients to look for when shopping for skin care products.

Carrier oils suited for sensitive skin

Hemp oil: This oil in it's unrefined state is dark green with a slight nutty aroma. As stated before, it is extremely beneficial to all skin types. It's rich content of EFA's, GLA's, vitamins and minerals make it a must in all skin care products. Readily absorbed. Thsi oil is also available as a butter.

Almond Sweet Virgin Oil: This all purpose carrier oil is very nourishing to sensitive skin and high in Vitamin D. The absorbancy rate is average making it an ideal base in your night time moisturizer.

Apricot Kernel oil: This popular oil is expelled pressed from the seeds of the fruit bearing apricot tree. It is very rich in vitamin A and is very nourishing to the skin. It has very little odor and is suitable for all skin types. It is readily absorbed and is also available as a butter.

Jojoba golden oil: This popular oil, high in vitamin E, is cold pressed and closely resembles sebum. It is known for deeply penetrating the skin and promoting a glowing complexion. It leaves your skin with a satiny finish making it ideal for all skin types.

Borage Oil: This pricier oil has a rich content of EFA's and GLA's. It is light yellow and leaves an oily feeling. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Suited to all skin types.

Essential oils suited to sensitive skin

Rose: This popular oil is either steam distilled, water distilled or solvent extracted depending on the variety. It has anti-septic properties with a sweet floral scent.

Neroli: This dark yellow oil increases circulation as well as stimulates cell growth.

German Chamomile: This oil is steam extracted from the flower. It has excellent anti-inflammaroty properties.

Melissa: This sweet smelling herb is reminiscent of lemons hence the alternate name lemon balm. Caution is recommended when using this product as it can be irritating to some, but experts state that it is non-toxic.

Floral waters suited to sensitive skin

Chamomile water

Rose water

Orange blossom water

Rose geranium water

Lemon balm water