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Kristen Suzanne's Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes

Introducing Kristen Suzanne's Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes - A Must For Vegans Worldwide! Health food stores across North America are now packing the shelves with the goodness of hemp.

This natural plant is now taking the world by the horn with it's multiple, nutritional content.

A true "superfood," hemp is high in protein, has almost perfect ratios of all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, tastes absolutely delicious, and is crazy helpful to the environment due to its fast growth and lack of need for herbicides or pesticides.

In this totally unique, one-of-a-kind ebook, you'll find some of the most amazing vegan hemp recipes ever developed, all based on hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp protein powder.

Hemp is not your typical granola fare — it's a subtle and delicious dream come true for foodies and connoisseurs of everything exotic and unique! These recipes range from quick snacks for the kids, to boldly sexy n' sassy, and just like all of the Kristen's Vegan recipes, they're amazingly EASY.

71 Raw Food recipes - 109 Pages

* Introduction to Raw & 6 Basic Raw Recipes

* Drinks

* Quickie Snacks

* Bread & Crackers

* Seed Butter, Spread & Dip

* Power Salads & Dressings

* Soups

* Lunch & Dinner

* Desserts

* Breakfast

6 Basic Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes

* Rejuvelac

* Crème Fraiche

* Nut Milk (regular)

* Nut Milk (thick)

* Raw Mustard

* My Basic Raw Mayonnaise


* Creamy Dreamy Hemp Milk

* 1-Minute Hemp Milk

* Bodybuilder Hemp Shake

* Cherry Vanilla Hemp Shake

* Chocolate Caramel Hemp Surprise

* Spicy Sunrise Smoothie

* Hemp Mocha Latte Engine Starter

* Super Power Hemp Green Juice

* Liver Cleansing Hemp Elixir

* Gggrrrr! Beowulf Protein Smoothie

* Blood Red Hemp Sunset Smoothie

* Super Shake

* Blissed-Out Chocolate Runner's Smoothie

* Smiling Smoothie

* Hemp Dichotomy Cocktail 

Quickie Snacks

* Hemp Banana Smash

* Good Ol' Hemp Seeds-n-Raisins

* Hemp Bananas

* Power Packed Hemp Trail Mix

* Magic Applesauce 

Breads & Crackers

* Soft-n-Savory Hemp Onion Bread

Easy Hemp Crackers

Seed Butter, Spread & Dip

* Raw Hemp Seed Butter

* Miso Hemp Cheese Spread

* Asian Hemp Cheese Spread

* Raw Hemp Za'atar (see photo)

* Hemp Hummus Dip (see photo)

* Cheezy Hemp Nacho Sauce

* Cinnamon Delight Hemp Spread

Power Salads & Dressings

* Hemp Oil Za'atar Dressing & Dip

* Fennel Kale Orange Hemp Salad (see photo)

* Mighty Tabouli Hemp Salad

* Hemp Omega Caesar Dressing

* "It's Party Time" Hemp Salad

* Hemp Greek Olive Dressing

* Spiced Hemp Pineapple Dressing

* Zesty Cilantro Lime Dressing

* Exquisite Hemp Oil Dressing

* Hemp Mustard Seed Dressing

* Miso Hemp Butter Dressing

* King Garlic Hemp Dressing 


* Spinach Thyme Soup

* Savory Carrot Hemp Soup

* Vampy Hemp Soup (see photo)

* Italian Stallion Hemp Bisque 

Lunch & Dinner

* Decadent Cilantro Ginger Hemp Pesto

* Rosemary Hemp Vegetable Blend

* Chinese Hemp Noodles ( AWARD WINNING RECIPE)

* Carrot Discs with Curry Hemp Sauce

* Savory Protein Stuffed Mushrooms

* Spicy-n-Sweet Fitness Noodles


* Sweet Dreams Hemp Cookies

* Chocolate Hemp Extravagance

* Currant Hemp Rendezvous

* Carob Fennel Hemp Truffles

* Superfood Hemp Cookies

* Chocolate Cream Verv-a-licious Tart!

* Cinnamon Peach Hemp Ice Cream

* Cinnamon Vanilla Hemp Cheesecake

* Chocolate Peppermint Hemp Cheesecake (see photo)

* Cherry Chocolate Brownies

* Smiling Girl Frozen Fudgies


* Easy Bright & Light Breakfast

* Mountaineers' Hearty Hemp Pancakes

* Maple Hemp Syrup

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