Your Hemp Guide's Personal Review of Hemp Shine Shampoo

by Chantel -Your Hemp Guide

I Hate My Hair! Why? Because it's not curly enough to be cute but just enough to be dreadful. It's dry, brittle and tangles easily, so, naturally I look for products that will alleviate some of these problems if not all of them.

When it comes to shampoo, I'm easily persuaded to fork over the cash if it works on my tresses. I've bought the super cheap stuff at about $2 a bottle up to $15 a pop.

Unfortunately, I've never found one that I could call my best friend, although there have been some close calls. So, I'm always on the look out for that perfect fit.

With that said, here is my first impression of Hemp Shine Shampoo.

I ordered my shampoo online (as I do with almost everything!) and anxiously awaited my shipment. The most expensive shampoo I have ever purchased, but with my hair, it's well worth it. (if it works, of course!)

I had nightmares I was going to get this super tiny bottle. Not so, (thank goodness!). It is a bit smaller than the average size bottle but not significantly so. The bottle is attractive and professional looking and has a press cap. (very convenient)

The smell is a though one. I don't have the knack of picking up on various scents. Personally (and I could be way off here) but I sniff a mix of floral and fruit.

Initially, the aroma is strong but dwindles once diluted with water. My hair smelled really good afterwards. The shampoo has a nice consistency, lathers wonderfully and rinses cleanly.

Final Verdict

My hair felt silky soft and smelled great! It's definitely a high quality shampoo and worth every penny.

A perfect fit? For my hair, absolutely, for the planet, could be better. Why? Because It's far from being a natural product. It's still loaded with chemicals just like most every other hair product on the market today.

Would I buy it again? Yes. Green Living is not about changing every single thing you do, it's about supporting sustainability and efficiency as a global effort. If we all contribute to the cause, we will yield amazing results.

Alterna has taken a very important first step to incorporate renewable and sustainable ingredients in their line of products which will support the further exploration of hemp.

So, there you have it. My lowdown on Hemp Shine Shampoo!

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